The Reason Why I Love Writing
The Reason Why I Love Writing  feelings stories

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The Reason Why I Love Writing

I see the way her eyes tear up I hate the way she says that her life is fucked I know how devoted she is Yet no one gives her a kiss

She feels like no one is there Her parents don’t even care She feels like everything she does Is never enough

Every day I get to see her And for some reason, I’m the cure Even though I don’t know what to say I just write her these short poems every day

As her eyes scan the paper I realize that I'm the savior For I see her eyes tear up again But it's because of these words that are helping her mend

... And she smiles at me With those shimmery eyes that I see Every day when she's done reading that post-it note With words that help her cope (she always brings them home)

It's incredible how I spend no time Just writing down some words to rhyme These simple poems I write Is helping people fight

Away those demons in your mind But also the other demons you may find Whether it’s in a stranger or your friend It always makes me feel better to see how my own words can help them mend

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