Style. It's a deceiving look.
Style. It's a deceiving look. style stories

kiki7 Community member
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Get to know the person before you devote yourself to someone who's fake.

Style. It's a deceiving look.

She's the type of girl everyone wishes to be So pretty She's even smart She's the type of friend you never want to depart

That one friend you want to do everything with I should have known it was just a myth Except no one told me Nor did they even see

Who she truly is Am I really the only person who's seeing this? The way she talks It's like she's blindly throwing rocks

Saying how much prettier she is Acting like she's his Even talking bad about her best friend And no one knows in the end

Except me. Why me? Talking sh*t about my best friend... To me! I just can't comprehend

Why does she talk like this Doesn't know she acts like a b*tch?! And how does no one see this Why does everyone act like she's a bliss

It's her style To give everyone a smile Letting everyone to fall in love with her cuteness Making everyone blind to her rudeness

But I'm not falling for that.

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