memories that never really happened...
memories that never really happened... beauty stories
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kiki7 Community member
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sometimes I like to stare at the different people in their car when I'm stuck in traffic LOL

memories that never really happened...

I stare out the car window With all these emotions I can't handle The beautiful pink blue sky As it's about to turn night

The constant stop and go I kinda like how traffic flows More time to stare at the scenery And recall those memories

The sparkly multi-colored light I recall memories of you and I That I actually never had That's when you know the radio is playing something sad

When you feel something you never experienced ...Love for instance Or maybe it reminds you Those stupid actions you used to do

And for me, that's the worse Because I've done so many of course And I regret how things went But those actions have been repeating since

For some reason, I still love the city lights Oh how I want to be there during the night The cool air breezing across my cheeks Or maybe just sitting in a coffee shop writing all week

And maybe then, I'll find someone as beautiful as the scenery Who will bring those memories To life And I'll finally learn to never say ...goodbye

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