I'm too scared to feel love
I'm too scared to feel love romantic stories

kiki7 Community member
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I see couples and my heart aches to feel what they feel... but then again... I don't want my heart to ache too much.

I'm too scared to feel love

Sometimes I dream to experience Those moments that are glorious... To some of us But they're only moments... don't be oblivious

Of all those relationships That end up making you feel like a pile of bricks In the end you feel tricked To believe that they actually meant it

Sometimes I want to feel loved But I don't want to be shoved Into a world where I'm constantly thinking of what you've done Into a world where I'm to blame of

I've seen those happy smiles Those holding hands that walk miles But I believe it only lasts a while Until you cry in the bathroom with tissues in a pile

I'm too scared to feel love I've seen what she became of When he left her unloved Love is just some bad drug

I just want to experience the love in movies Where he doesn't care about beauty But what's in me Love that makes me feel woozy


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