I'm horrible
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Music always voice my thoughts...

I'm horrible

by kiapham

I lay in bed as a slow song came on My mind wandered to the regrets I have lived upon I remember those harsh words that were said to me But I also remember those cold words that I let you see

I checked my phone And an old friend's comment was shown It was quite rude and brought me tears But then I remembered that I ignored her all these years

I grew up getting bullied I never told anyone to worry And I guess the statement, "One who gets bullied is a bully" is true But I wish I could have changed that for you

I moved away For another place to stay And luckily I met some new friends That changed me to be a nicer person to befriend

Maybe you shouldn't have gotten mad for no reason But maybe I should have said something more decent Our fights are always on and off But something about you just makes me more pissed off

Even through everything I hear the sadness as he sings Music flood my thoughts And I remember our foughts If I dealt with our problems differently Then maybe all these people won't hate me

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