Eyes of Emotion
Eyes of Emotion world record poetry stories

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Eyes of Emotion

You smile at us as you lay our food down But I see sadness in those eyes of brown You quietly walk upstairs I give my sister a quick glance but she doesn't seem to care

Your door is closed I remember how you always kept yourself composed Whenever you're with me We've been talking a lot more lately

You say You have to arrive home late Because your boss... your own friend threatened you Saying you would lose your job soon

Ever since he left us The thought of him leaves you in disgust I know I should still love him But after what he did, he's beyond the rim

And my sister Oh, and how much you still love her Even after she screams, "I hate you" And oh, I swear this is true

Those exact words were said But you never got upset I'm disgusted by my own sister I believe I'm starting to hate her

Weekends are supposed to be fun But you have to take care of your children Sometimes you can go out with your friends But you can't even trust one of them

The papers are piling up But your money is barely enough He doesn't give us the money he promised But according to the law, he must

When I look at you I see the sadness you never let anyone knew I hope you continue being strong Knowing the past you came from

You have been through too much I wish I could leave you untouched You're a person who shouldn't have this much pain And I don't know if you know, but I will say those words that may seem lame...

I love you, mom

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