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by kiapham

I’m afraid of growing up

Or maybe just failing while trying to grow up

I’m scared that I will become nothing

People say to get good grades, go to school, get a job, and take care of your family

But I’ve never been really good in school

People say to do something you’re passion about

I love writing

But honestly can that get you anywhere? Kids don’t care about books anymore. Even if they did, they can just read it online!

But writing is my passion. That’s the only thing I can really do. I may not do it well but I can’t do anything else better.

I don’t want to become a doctor who earns tons of money but comes home depressed because I don’t love my job.

I want to be a writer and I’m not going to change that.

I’m not going to change because people tell me I’m going no where

I’m not going to change because im failing

The only thing that will change is your perspective on me when I grow up to be someone you thought I wouldn’t be.

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