Can Someone Really be Your Everything?
Can Someone Really be Your Everything? crying stories
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Can Someone Really be Your Everything?

I thought I was over you But with these tunes I'm listening to It brings me memories of us Even the sound of your name makes me blush

When I think of love I think of us Whenever I wonder why my heart hasn't fallen for someone else I remember how I felt

When I couldn't even control my emotions When you left me broken When you would tell me stories of her I even knew I would never be yours

But I still kept falling Even when I knew your arms will never catch me despite my callings If she never told me those lies Would we still have those memories tied

To that friendship bracelet Love? Fuck it. I just miss your friendship I remember how we told each other bits and bits

Of our own lives Sharing our cries But in the end, we happen to make each other smile Blasting our favorite artist for a while

We related in ways I have never done ... with anyone But you And you knew

Because you felt the same Saying those sweet words like it's a game You probably never even meant them Knowing you only said sorry to date my friend

When I dream someone holding hands with me I think of someone with your personality Except maybe just a bit nicer ...Wouldn't that be nice?

To find someone who understands you Who enjoys the things you do Who will stay with you And respect you too

He was everything except the last two

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