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kiki7 Community member
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what's worse? heartbroken or feeling nothing?
~thoughts of a single person on valentines day LOL

B R </3 K E N

The melancholy sound pouring in my ears As I sat in the coffee shop, safe from the Earth's tears You may think I'm warm Wearing that cute windbreaker that protects me from the storm

Bored of my own poetry There's this need for someone to notice me As if perfect timing I glance up to see him staring

Unconsciously, my hand fixes my hair He's not aware That it's the main thing that makes me feel so self-conscious Thinking I look everything but flawless

Distracting myself to not glance up I read those old poems I wrote with love My heart sinks every word Wondering why my vision was so blurred

But there's this emptiness in my heart That feels the need to be broken apart Again. Because my writing depends

On the feeling of heartbreak I know it's great That I haven't felt that in so long But I miss how easily I could string along

These words to create Such great Poetry ... Yeah I'd rather be

Broken heart And be able to write a work of art Than feeling nothing And writing something that's not even touching

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