The Bad Boy Bets On Me
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I sit on the breakfast bar stuffing face with toast “Mom this year I will become popular”

Alice is the unnoticeable girl in Springfield high school no one knows no one knows about her obsession about being the queen bee except her hardworking mother and cheating drunk father. Alice has problems at home will she tell her mother or confront her father about his cheating?
Zak is the bad boy of the same high school his mischievous ways makes him the most known person in the town everyone knows him but do they... Zak has a huge secret which could change his life if someone found out only his player best friend knowns is their bond strong enough to keep this secret hidden?
they both meet on the first day of senior year of high school, the unnoticeable and the bad both a recipe for love or disaster?
“welcome to Springfield high!” I say as quickly as I could be trying to get this orientation over, so I could Usain bolt over to my favourite teacher and class to bribe the nerd who is sitting in the front seat to get my seat
after bribing Louise, the nerd of my seat, I sit down getting my books out when a hear a buffoon screeching at the top of their lungs “I BET THAT THAT JUNIOR SOPHIE WILL SLEEP WITH MY BOY ANDREW IN THE FIRST MONTH”
I roll my eyes, but I flash back to this morning when mom quoted “don’t wait for the perfect moment, make a moment and make it perfect.”
I hope she’s right, I take my English books of the table and take a step up on the seat to reach the table, all while Louise looks at me like I have two heads
“I bet she will sleep with Jake instead…

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The Bad Boy Bets On Me

I wake up scaring myself in the mirror “JEEZ!

I need a shower” turning around to my phone and turn it around “no notifications again” and start to walk to the shower when I hear arguing coming from down the stairs,

he’s drunk and its only 8 in the morning. Hopping in the shower I wash my hair and get ready for the best day in the world, sarcasm is my only friend.

Once I hear the door close I come down the stairs and walk near the kitchen door and the sound crying is coming for there “Mom are you in...

” I’m cut off by her running out and hugging me nearly knocking me down,

“I’m here honey I’m here” she says wiping her tears “I made you breakfast” we walk in to see a just toasted piece of bread with butter sitting on the breakfast bar, she knows me too well.

Sitting on the breakfast bar I gently whisper “you wanna talk about it?

” she walks closer to me and sits next to me on the chair and not the table like I am “no” she says not looking at me “but senior year though! My baby is all grown up”

“Stop mom! I’m not your baby but yes senior year is here”

“Is this the year you will make some friends and stop getting bullied by that nasty little veronica next door”

Veronica is the girl next door to us, she’s the golden girl of the school but everyone is blind on what she does to the lesser known.

We live in a big town with a large school, veronica and I used to be best friends before she started liking boys, makeup and not me.

I don’t know why she started to hate me so much she has the perfect life and I wish I did, she has a good relationship with both of her parents not just her over worked mom,

she bullied me for 3 years when will it stop? Today I hope.

I bring myself to reality and say proudly to mom “she’s not going to rule this school this year” I slipped on to the seat,

so I hosted myself back up and sit up on the breakfast table “Mom this year I will become popular”

“and how are you going to do that no offence sweetie I’m your only friend, you can just become popular over night what even is popularity? she questions

“mom that’s true but I will show you how to be popular and have all the friends I want I just need the perfect moment”

“honey don’t do anything stupid and don’t wait for perfect moment just make a moment and make it perfect “as she is saying this I grab my school bag at the door and say goodbye to mom

as I run to the early bus”ah why did I volunteer to help juniors!” I pant out seeing the yellow bus over the horizontal


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family friendly guys! hello first chapter is pretty short maybe all the chapters will be I don’t know but please comment and vote please give me criticism I can take it!

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