two truths.

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kianamp in love with the art of poetry
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we've been through both, but in the end, we became something beautiful.

two truths.

by: kianamp

it's a sad truth.

we make bonds

believe in its strength

depend on our belief

then stand in the mess

where they got up and left.

sometimes you reconnect

sometimes you never do

and you see them from time to time

but realize

they're not who you once thought.

however, it's a beautiful truth.

when out of the blue

you'll make a bond

a wonderfully weird bond

where you wonder

how you survived without them

how you laughed this hard

how you felt so understood

so loved

so accepted

so secured

so free to be who you are

while letting go of the fear of being judged.

i've lived both truths

one causing the other

but i can honestly say

it's worth all the trouble.

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