timeline of dreams.


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my dreams throughout 17 years of living.

timeline of dreams.

by: kianamp

through 17 years of my life

i had many dreams.

at age 4

i wanted to be a princess

a dream of creativity and imagination.

at age 8

i wanted to be a WNBA player

a dream of work ethic and passion.

at age 13

i wanted to be pretty

a dream of insecurity and self-hatred.

at age 14

i wanted to be popular

a dream of validation and admiration.

at age 15

i wanted to be a makeup artist

a dream of concealment and disguise.

by the age of 16

i was dreamless.

i had hopes and wishes.

but it was for him to stop touching me

and for her to stay alive.

at age 17

i want to be a writer

a modern poet

a dream of creativity and imagination

a dream of work ethic and passion

a dream of confidence and self-love

a dream I know i should follow

as my 4 year- old self

would applaud me for it.

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