the genocide.
                           the genocide. art stories

kianamp in love with the art of poetry
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a harsh truth I could no longer bear.

the genocide.

by: kianamp

we live on a planet

where our existence

outweighs the ones of another.

because of our intellect

our complexity

it is okay to use this illusional power

to dominate the defenceless

the innocent

the beings that wish us no harm.

we are conditioned

that this is a way of life

a way to stay healthy

a way to survive.

we are not cavemen.

we are not cavewomen.

whom need to depend on

flesh and blood

to persist.

this is a genocide.

a mass murder in the flesh

when they are picked apart

skin to muscle

muscle to bone

bone to guts

knife to throat

they cry real tears.

they scream real words.

they wish for real peace.

while these vultures turn

their pain into a business.

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