pink palace.

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kianamp in love with the art of poetry
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the burden of my pink palace.

pink palace.

built with the bones

glued with the blood

and loved from the souls

that my ancestors brought

I numbly own

this sad

pink palace.

red leather couches

covered in dust

an emerald dining table

forever untouched

my lavender walls

holding me hostage

black and white curtains

hiding the damage.

all I can see

eyelashes dampened

is the sorrow that ensued.

all I can feel

is the trauma that happened

in the first floor bathroom.

the light of my love

and the love of my light

taking her last breath

and leaving my life.

this house

this prison

this love

this hate.

to leave this house

I cannot wait.

to let go of my past

and start anew

goodbye, pink palace

and hello, sweet solace.

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