one favour.

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kianamp in love with the art of poetry
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oh, how far favours can go.

one favour.

I stand before you

body still living

mind a corpse

the skin of my bare feet

wrinkling in the puddle

of old tears

and new blood

the war between

my vocal chords

and my voice


for I must ask

'darling, can you do me this one favour?

peel away my skin

head to toe

and use it as a sail

take apart my bones

broken and all

and build a boat

pluck out my hair

one by one

and tie the pieces together

sail away on my boat self

to find a safer haven

make use out of me

as I cannot

use the rest of me

as decoration

and think of my mind

as a mere memory

as I ask you pleadingly

to throw her in the deep sea

to be feasted on

so we are ridded of her existence'

so, sweetheart

can you do that for me?

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