lovers inn.

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kianamp in love with the art of poetry
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awaiting my stay at lovers inn.

lovers inn.

by: kianamp

I thought about

our first time.

where we would be

where would we go

where will we melt

as one body.

I thought about

the perfect place

perfect setting

kindled pillars

soft blankets

alluring melodies

silkened cloth

for your eyes only.

but then I realized

with and without

this ideated ambiance

you made a home in me

I made a home in you.

inside our souls

are embers of a thousand fires

warming our hearts

better than any candle ever could

our souls sing in a language

only we can understand

better than any sensual tune

could ever do

my body is covered

in the most arousing fibres

mercy to your kind words

making me glow

better than any silk

crafted by man.

you see, my love

no matter where we are

no matter what surrounds us

our love already created

the perfect place

a raw little cabin

inside our love

called lovers inn

for our eyes only.

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