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love, be the garden you once were.

botanical garden.

as a child

you are a garden

full of life

and blossomed flowers

you laugh in every colour

and is as kind

as the softness of petals

your happiness can be smelt

from miles and miles away

begging the other children

to roll in the soil with you

you are watered

you are fed

you are nourished

life is good

until they said

gardens don't make money

gardens get you dirty

gardens aren't pretty

as they don't grow jewels


the water stopped flowing

the food ceased coming

you are malnourished

life is miserable

you become a ruin

of dead flowers

and dry soil

but please

darling please

don't let this society

make a waste

out of your garden

the beauty in them

is that they reincarnate

they can be reborn

just like you

trust in your seeds

your leaves

your flowers

and your dreams

and you will become

the botanical garden

you were always

meant to be

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