Once Mine
Once Mine
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we all have the one who walked away. but this is the story where i walked away

Once Mine

by khyatika

A young girl on the edge of becoming a woman finds a love.

Amber is a wonderful 17year old woman. She is someone who fights and fights hard for something she believes in. Del is a sweet guy of 20with a big heart and a bright soul.

One day while walking well running actually..

I was very late for my last day of college and i promised Kate i would be 10 minutes early as she had something to give me and also to say something very important to me.

Can not believe this....

The only thing going around my mind was that Kate will seriously kill me. i must have gone to deep in my mind as i tripped and fell down but luckily i stretched my hand out and did not get hurt.

I looked back and saw that there was a piece of paper.

i picked it up and saw it was a beautiful painting of nature

from someone who really embeds himself in his paintings or sketched. i looked at the bottom left hand corner to see the artists name......

DEL MONROE... was his name.

i think he sat in the same class as Kate and I in the 4th hour.. photography. My parent always wanted me to become a doctor or scientist but me well i was a free spirit going with the universe

Fourth Hour... i entered the photography class.

after i gave sir my late note i looked around to see the only chair left was next to Del. i thought it was luck as i was searching for him.

Shocked.. the only emotion on Del's face.

when i walked back and sat next to Del he scooted and squirmed a little. i passed him his painting when Mr. Nicholi was not looking . the emotion on his face was shock, then relaxed.

Hazel green.. that was the colour of his eyes..

when she turned around to face me i noticed for the first time that his eyes were not boring brown like mine but dark hazel with a drop of green.

rest was history untill

may 22nd 2003. thats when i realized that i had to go to the otherside of the country to study and we couldnt do long distance. so with tears in my eyes we talked


but on April 4 2010 we met again but this thime i had a fiance and him a wife.

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