A walk through the park
A walk through the park betrayed.-loved.-chased stories
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A story of love in hardship

A walk through the park

by khyatika


I ran as fast as I could. Just a little further and he'll not be able to catch me. I ran because the only man I loved betrayed me.

New place

I moved to a new place. With new people, new neighborhood . I moved away from him


Since it was a Sunday and I was off work. I was bored and I knew nobody here so thought I should go to the park which I saw when I first moved here


I was walking peacefully through the park when I saw him. I trembled. My legs gave out. I broke down. He came closer. I cried harder.


He hugged me and said in his rough husky voice," Darling you shouldn't have ran. You know I'll always find you." He picked me up and I screamed at him to let me go. Please please let me go

After a few years

Oh how grateful I am to that park. After a few months I gave in and we are on our second baby now. How different my life would have been if I never met him. But I'm happy now maybe it was fate .

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