Cutting is not a joke
Cutting is not a joke dontcut stories
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khttu E R R O R
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You matter

Cutting is not a joke

1 cut... 2 cut.. 3 cut.. 4...

Baby this isnt a joke anymore

your moms pounding on the door yelling "baby please dont cut anymore"

her tears go down so does the blood til u cant think anymore

you risk your life you risk your soul you risk the years u gave up to this messed up world

even though its messed up u had so much to see so baby put down the knife and ill help u see

ill help you see That you can get through it That its worth the wait That the world can make you happy That people can be better than some of them seem

just baby trust me, take my hand and ill give up 700 years just for YOU! to see because i care , i'm there , you say dont stare at your ugly body

your body is beautiful curve to curve baby your a beautiful human being anyone says other wise then there a blind human being

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