Broken Memories
Broken Memories toxicfriendship stories

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The mistake I had to make, A broken path I trekked for your sake.

Broken Memories

The mistake I had to make,

A broken path I trekked for your sake.

I feel selfish every time I lose someone,

Maybe nobody’s right for me, I guess we’ll have to see.

You’re just one of a few friends to have used me.

Convenient when you have the time,

Your closest follower, dying inside.

Watch me watching you with contempt in my eye,

Stop pretending it’s enough, you’re living a lie.

Your words knock me off my feet,

You have the power to save me.

I’m lost inside your lies,

I wish I could see past your ‘sincere eyes’.

A tiny ripple in an oceanic lake,

Your words, the world, my soul to take.

Your sweet intentions made this cake sour,

You silenced me but since you left I’ve never been louder.

I try and try and try, but every scenario ends in ‘goodbye’.

Ringing bells of rebellious tones, strung along by my fear to be alone.

Apologise until my lungs give out,

you were never worth the effort it took to shout.

Our friendship’s a make or break.

But you’re gone now, and my ears are still ringing.

Settling in with the silence, I’m changing myself now,

When I was with you I could only ask how.

I can thank you now, your love, your lies, my cries,

Finally, now, you’ve opened my eyes.

I thought it was the end of an era, but it’s never been clearer,

The good times weren’t real, and the bad ones still linger,

They’re just broken memories, the naïve subservience of a foolish misbeliever.

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