Become a Better Developer in 10 Steps
Become a Better Developer in 10 Steps developer stories

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10 little habits to make you into a better developer

Become a Better Developer in 10 Steps

by kheme

01. Read Other Developers’ Codes

This gives you a possibly new perspective at solving problems. It also shows how good or terrible you are at coding, organizing your codes, and so on.

02. Get Other Developers to Read Your Codes

Having another developer check your codes out works much like #1 above. Most times, like in life, an external view is necessary for improvement.

03. Fix Existing Bugs Before Writing New Codes

While this may sound like over emphasis, piling up new codes on top of old bugs is like digging your own grave. Your app will just be prone to crashes and will most likely be unstable.

04. Keep Up With Current Technologies

There are always new ways to solve old problems out there. Keeping up with current technologies put you ahead of a good number of other developers.

05. Keep Things Simple

Tempting as it may be to "show off", simpler is usually always better. Like the saying goes… Keep it simple, stupid!

06. Blog About Your Work

Talking about your work, especially if developers are part of your audience, gives a reasonable feeling of accomplishment. You grow when you share; the same happens when you blog about your work.

07. Participate in Open Source Projects

Consider this a developers way of philanthropy, or community development, charity, volunteer work, or giving back to society, and it feels good too :) don’t forget other forms of volunteer work.

08. Fix, Don’t Just “Workaround”

There’s always that one time we feel really lazy and the most convenient way out of a bug is to cover it up! Don't!!!!! Remember that one more fix equals one more accomplishment!

09. Test Your Work Properly

As much code coverage as you can, if not 100%, is the least that one can do as a developer, in regards to testing. Test your codes… each line, function or at least each block.

10. Leave Your Work Desk Every Hour

This is not another “health” tip. Staring at codes all day long can drive one crazy! Take a break every once in a while, it helps the brain refresh and takes it out of it’s state of inertia.

What coding tips do you use?

Please share in the comments section below :)

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