Peppermint Trees
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khani I'm a derposaurus wreck
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Todoroki and Midoriya go and sit by a cliff eating some marshmallows and chilling.
My first story.

Peppermint Trees

Todoroki: "Hey, Midoriya..."

Midoriya:"What's up Todoroki?"

Todoroki: "Have you ever truly felt love?"

Midoriya: [through stifled laughter] "...What are you talking about"

Todoroki: "I'm being serious!"

Midoriya: "Well, yeah I guess I have.. Have you"

There is only silence as they both sit sharing a bag of marshmallows watching the sunset and blushing

Todoroki reaches for a marshmallow to find that Midoriya has just snagged the last one.

Midoriya: "Oh shoot, I didn't realize, you want the last one?"

Todoroki: "No, no, it's fi-"

Midoriya doesn't allow him to finish his sentance and shoves the marshmallow into Todoroki's mouth.

Midoriya: "Don't lie to me, you know you wanted the marshmallow!"

Todoroki: [blushing like a mofo] "You little..." *grabs Midoriya's hand*

Midoriya: "W- what are you doing?!?!"

Todoroki: "Finally telling you the truth!!!"

Midoriya: "WAIT HUH?"

Todoroki: "I LOVE YOU, IZUKU MIDORIYA!!!!!!!!"

Midoriya: "I- I love you too, Shoto Todoroki"

Then Todroki practically pounced Midoriya to the ground smothering him with cuddles, love, and kisses.

Aight, so yeah, that was my first story, lemme know if it was any good and what ships to write about next! THANK YOU FOR READING TwT

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