Last nights morbid dream
Last nights morbid dream scary stories

khani I'm a derposaurus wreck
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This dream seriously fucking terrified me

Last nights morbid dream

Ok quick note before i start this up im not going to post ppls real names so im replacing them with words that remind me of them (with the acception of one person bc we had been friends for years apperently but only in my dreams) o yeah and this was all set in the middle of the night

So, me, sofa, oven, and caleb were out camping by this old obeese womans house. We had heard the woman was murderous but we stupidly decided to go in, one at a time.

I, being the bravest, wait no scratch that most stupid and over protective of the group go first, i make my way up to the support boards that lay horizontally below the celing and fucking stay there. she was walking around eyes redder than hell itself. She sniffed the air. SHE FUCKING SMELLED ME.

I damn near pissed myself in fear at this point. she had razor sharp teeth. she chucked knives at me. i jumped the fuck down and BOOKED IT, one of the knives sliced my face open. i get back to camp and insist that we leave that instant, the rest of the group just calls me a pussy, accept for sofa, she looked scared too.

Oven, her boyfriend, hugged her and told her it was just me being an ass. Caleb goes next, me and sofa BEGGING him not to go, but oven fucking eggs him on. so he goes all confident. there was this plastic mask hanging right outside her fence and the legend was that if she killed you, your blood would pour out the eyes of the mask, making the mask look like it was crying blood.

We sit and wait and i explain in further detail how much of a mistake he made egging caleb on like that, he hadn't seen the gash on my face. His face went as pale as pale could get. he was about to go and get caleb when we heard what sounded like water falling onto the ground, we looked over and we saw the mask crying blood.

Sofa starts crying hysterically, to the point where she cant move and im crying as well which isnt as surprising as seeing oven cry. at this point we were all fucking terrified. Sofa starts screaming, "HOLY SHIT HES FUCKING DEAD HES GONE WERE GONNA DIE NO NO NO NO NOHOHO!"

She. Never. Cusses.

I slap her to snap her out of it. "You just fucking gave us away snap the fuck out of it!" We hear the gate creak open. Oven picks up sofa slinging her onto his back and we RUN. Knives flying at us from EVERY direction. We got to the center of town and realized no one was in the usually busy town center...

We heard a familiar voice, it was caleb, he runs up to us, "guys *heavy breath* what *heavy breath* the *heavy breath* fuck? Why'd you *heavy breath* leave me there?" Sofa and oven go to hug him and i push them away noticing something VITAL ...


I pull out a pistol and shoot until its head was nothing but an unrecognizable pulp. the odd thing was it bled some weird black tarry stuff. After that we were suddenly back in the woods where we were camping we gathered our belongings and as we were about to leave for the second time...

i saw the rest of caleb laid out infront of us his intestines spelling out "ur free" AS SOON AS WE WERE DONE PUKING OUR GUTS OUT WE FUCKING RAN BACK TO TOWN

We ran into town and all our parents a couple friends and the cops were there our parents hugged us and told us that if they had known they never wouldve let us go.

As for calebs parents... well we broke it to the the nicest we could, but honestly how do you tell someone their baby is gone, lost forever. The police went into the woods they found the remains of our dear friend, but not the woman...

So yeah that was last night's hella disturbing dream and honestly im still chilled and wondering if i should tell them... i'll do it tomorrow... thx for reading. imma go cry now this dream will forever haunt me.

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