This city which never sleeps

khajaThe Last Window
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This city which never sleeps
It moves like a ghost
Joining with them my phantoms
Make merry all night.
They dance and rejoice
While I watch them in horror
Waiting for sleep to take me away from them.
Talking all night,
Seldom arguing over what could be
Had it been otherwise
Strengthening my doubts
Rarely silencing them
I reach for the quilt to turn away from it.
Shadows of the neighborhood
All out with daggers of rebel
Shouting in defiance spilling blood everywhere
The moon is stoic, the stars afraid
Silent as bystanders witnessing a fight
I screech but my voice is hushed.
Near dawn they huddle together
Charting out the plan for the next night
They disperse then as the embers of light emerge
While I lie there after taking forty winks.
Moments later the sky is clear
though secrets staying out of sight.
Till comes another night.
This city which never sleeps.

This city which never sleeps

by khaja

Living with inner turmoil

Phantoms of my life

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@lisa Hey, thanks. New to this page. Need to learn. Shall use the slides. :)

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this is cool!! btw i only just saw the poem in the description. you should put it in the slides :)