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kgirl “In a place where fantasy meets reality”
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About people being too stubborn, delusional, and holding onto something they should just let go of, they should just give up onto.


Everyone’s got their own dark secret. They keep it within them, well hidden from eyes and ears.

Unspoken. As if possibly forgotten by the irreversibile passing of time.

You should have learnt by now that people protect their secrets, Even at the cost of losing friendships. Or love. Or both.

You still let her hurt you.

You still don’t learn.

You still remain vulnerable.

You keep on trusting that it will all change one day.

That it will all magically go back to you two,

Loving each other,

And trusting each other

With those same secrets that only tear you apart now.

Secrets unspoken. As if they could really be forgotten by the irreversible passing of time.

But you can’t manage to stay strong when she finally smiles at you and tells you something nice.

You can’t stay strong. And you trust again.

Yet, if you looked in the mirror, You’d notice that you look, and act, and speak exactly like her. Identical.

You’d notice that you, too, hurt her and yet, she keeps coming back. Just like you do. Searching for something that’s not there anymore. Nor will ever be.

Because when you finally smile and tell her something nice,

She, too, can’t manage to stay strong and move on.

She, too, trusts again.

And as you go back to her, she comes back to you.

And the history of making the same mistakes without ever learning from them, That you now know by heart, Repeats itself. Again and again. For eternity.

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