ETHNICITY PRIDE — A Collaboration
              ETHNICITY PRIDE —
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kgirl “In a place where fantasy meets reality”
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My first collaboration idea ever. As many of you already know, I’m trying my best to support anyone who is being discriminated because of their skin color and nationality, it’s something I truly care about, and thus, I decided to propose to you guys a collaboration where each one of us, proud of their nationality, will represent our own country through some poetry lines. Read more to find out what this is all about; I really hope you will take part in this little collaboration of mine! 😊

ETHNICITY PRIDE — A Collaboration

Hi guys!

Hi guys! I recently came up with my first collaboration idea and I need the help of each one of you to make it come true!

So, since the Commaful community is very diverse and varied in multiple aspects (and one of these aspects is our nationality), I was thinking about writing a piece with you guys where each one of us represents their own country through about 5-10 lines.

You can write free verse or a fixed form (preferably, typical of your country), whatever you prefer.

Also, I’d love to have each one of us who participates write their lines both in their native language and in English, so that everyone can understand them when reading the final result. If you come from an English-speaking country, you may go slightly above the line limit, if you wish, as you will have nothing to translate!

• Deadline to apply will be July 10th;

• Deadline to apply will be July 10th; • If you want to take part to this little project, leave a comment down below and write the name of your country as well;

• I’ll reach out to all of you on July 10th and we’ll get started writing the piece, so please don’t leave your lines in the comments below;

• Again, you’re free of choosing whether to write free verse or a fixed form. You do you! As long as the topic is something representative of / associated with/ related to your country, it will be perfect! (Ex. my country, Italy is associated with love, passion, pizza, mafia, etc.; I will pick one of these topics and write my lines about that);

• Last, but not least: if by scrolling through the comments you notice someone else from your same country is already taking part to the collaboration, don’t worry! You can participate anyway: I believe it will make everything even better! The more we are, the merrier!

Thanks for reading this; I hope many of you will participate!

Thanks for reading this; I hope many of you will participate! Can’t wait to get started!

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