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kgirl “In a place where fantasy meets reality”
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I lost my great grandfather to Alzheimer on a rainy October day six years ago now. This poem is for him; it’s the words I’ve never been able to write down ever since I lost him. Too afraid of facing my feelings and pain.

@sstar2000 ‘Bye Grandpa’ finally gave me the courage to deal with that pain, writing this down and getting off my chest everything I wanted to say to my grandpa but wasn’t able to for so long. Even though ‘everything’ is not even enough, when you can’t have back the person you regret having lost the most.

Dear Grandpa,

Never has a blank page been more filled than it is now, Right before my eyes, Full of memories,

And of the sound of your confident, merry voice That I could never forget,

No matter how many years have gone by ever since you left.

I know that,

Deep down,

You never forgot.

You never forgot me.


Memories were still there; They were just hidden.

Like they couldn’t decide whether They wanted to be found Or be left alone. Forever.

Like when you hid yourself and we played hide-and-seek, Then you appeared back again At the most unexpected moment And gave me a heart attack.

Oh, what would I do to feel that way again, Just one more time.

Just once more.

And as you hid yourself and appeared again,

So your memories of us seemed to come back and forth

And to leave again,

To come back again,

And to leave again,

And again,

And again.

Such a cruel joke,

How we must lose the people we love without ever getting a proper chance

To tell them goodbye.

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