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My poem for the “Sexual Assault Awareness Story Contest”.

I’ve been working on ‘Braveheart’ ever since I joined the platform and while browsing, found out about the contest.

I wanted this poem to be perfect, I wanted to write it the best I could write a poem, not only because this is a theme of vital importance, but also because thank God, I don’t know firsthand what it means to be physically or psychologically abused and I didn’t want to unwillingly trigger any bad memories for people who have had to live this on their own skin and soul.

I also didn’t want to result insensitive by adding any kind of image that could trigger anyone. That’s why I preferred to use a black background, and then a flame, for this: sometimes, only one color and only one symbol as powerful as a flame can say much more than a billion images ever could.

I hope you will like the poem: I thought describing a situation I didn’t experience firsthand through allegory could make the poem relatable on many different levels as well. I wasn’t abused, but as a child I’ve been bullied for some years, resulting in insecurities I would have never had otherwise.

Now, if what I went through was horrible enough for me, I could never imagine how horrible it must be for people who’ve been physically and verbally abused to live with what their abusers have done to them. I can’t imagine how much strength you need to stand up again after that.

Those people are extraordinarily strong; that’s why I feel like if I ever write something about such a delicate theme, they and everyone else as well, deserve to read a poem to whose development I gave my best efforts and my full attention.

If you feel like it, share this poem. Thank you ❤️🙏


Can you hear him knocking at your door?

Of course you can hear him knocking.

Crystal clear.

His grim face is already lingering in your mind.

Creeping in.

He is creeping in.

As, whether husband or stranger, he already knows the way to you.

He has done it before.

He pretends to know how to hunt you down, how to attack.

Fear is slowly coming in.

He doesn’t ever need to seek for permission To get inside.

He just does. And lingers around. Attacks. And doesn’t show any compassion, Any empathy towards your feelings. Hunts down.

But sweet soul,

Innocent soul,

Courageous soul,


Behold! As strength will come to your aid as soon as you cry out for it.

Cry it out, Cry out that fear has hunted you down with the grim face of a grim monster,

Cry out that fear thought he could hunt you down, But you wouldn’t surrender. He thought he could win, But you wouldn’t let him.

Cry it all out, And next time, it will be strength that you’ll hear walking, And coming in, And hunting fear down.

And fear will exactly know how you felt. He will beg for compassion and empathy, Yet, he will receive none.

Fear will know that this time and forever, It is him who is being hunted down.

And you will know,

Yes, you will know,

That you are strong.

You are a survivor.

You are a woman, Braveheart. A hero.

Your own hero.

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