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A Poem To My Past Self.

After submitting my poem for the “Sexual Assault Awareness Story Contest”, ‘Braveheart’, I started thinking again of those times I was bullied as a child. Of how people want to change you when they don’t like the way you are. Of how you must never, ever do that for them; don’t ever change the way you are for others.

You will never be yourself anymore, and they will keep on demanding more and more. It will never be enough and you, too, will end up feeling like you’re never enough.

So, I started writing this poem. I started writing down the words I would like to say to all those people who feel like they are not enough and to my past self, if I could see her right before my eyes at this very moment.

You are enough, and even more than that.


So, you’re pretending to be asleep.

Wishing you could dream of better worlds,

Of better chances,

Of different songs and lullabies And of sweeter voices singing them,

Wishing for a different version of yourself.

A more beautiful, more intelligent, more popular you. A more appreciated you.

A ‘you’ just like others want ‘you’ to be.

Because it’s always a matter of being ‘more’, whether more beautiful, more intelligent or more popular.

Always more. As long as it pleases them.

But darling, You already are that ‘more’ you pretend to be when you’re asleep.

Because those dreams you wish to have, you have but didn’t know you had, as they are already your reality.

And you are a beautiful reality.

You already are as perfect as you need to be.

The words, the voices, the screams and the insults you think so real Are the nightmares you need to get rid of.

Because out of fear of those voices and screams,

Even though you’re a poem, you don’t want to be read,

And even though you’re music, you don’t want to be sung,

Out of fear that you’ll be played again,

And after that, Left to yourself again.

But you need to stop pretending you’ve fallen asleep, darling. Instead,

Chase away those vivid nightmares,

Be stronger than the demons you’ve always felt so close to you,

Be the reality you’ve always dreamt of.

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