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A re-elaborated Q&A format to celebrate my 500 followers milestone on Commaful! I got inspired from the suggestion @realgregsta gave me back when I was searching for a ‘challenge’ for my 200 followers.


Hi there, it’s KGirl here again!

After the recent and latest events regarding the black community happened, I started feeling like I’d love to know each one of you better. I think it would be great to spread even more love, inspiration and motivation in our wonderful community that is already so supportive!

That’s why I decided to re-elaborate the Q&A request @therealgregsta suggested to me about last month, when I was searching for something special to do for 200 followers, so that we can all inspire each other with our questions and answers.

In fact, I’d like to do a special Q&A: if you feel like it, leave one or even more questions in the comments down below and in another post I will answer all of your questions and ask you myself something I’m curious to know about you as well!

You can give me your answer in the comments of the post where I answer all your questions or you could create a new post where you answer the question more deeply and I’ll be happy to shout out your thoughts and feelings. (Of course, I’ll be asking meaningful questions!)

I feel like it’s a great way to get to know each other through the Q&A format and at the same time, to inspire one another and spread love and support in the community even more. I truly can’t wait to read your questions and answer all of them! What do you think of this idea?

Thank you for reading and for supporting me over the past month. My journey on Commaful has just started, but it has already been so lovely and beautiful... And it’s all thanks to each one of you!

Thank you! Looking forward to your questions!

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