Keep Your Property Safe with Key Holder Security
Keep Your Property Safe with Key Holder Security alarm response stories

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Keep Your Property Safe with Key Holder Security

How do business owners ensure someone is always ready to respond at one of their properties, at all times?

Some will be on call personally, ready to climb out of bed or return from a trip at any given time.

Others have a small team around them that hold the keys and who are happy to be contacted during an emergency.

The smarter, more convenient choice is to turn to a professional security firm.

Here you can make use of a key holding and alarm response security service that works for your specific requirements, without having to bother any of your staff members on call.

How Does Key Holder Security Work?

The business owner will provide a trusted and professional security firm with a copy of the key or keys to the property in question.

The security provider or Security Company Nottingham will protect the key with specific measures that include the use of a secure key case.

This will usually also feature a unique tag and NFC (Near Field Communication) tagging and tamper proof seals.

The key will be kept safely until a time when it is required on site.

During an activated alarm or an emergency situation, professional security officers will use the key and respond as required.

Additionally, the security team will provide the business owner with a complete report of the event along with the GPS footprint.

Benefits of Using Key Holding Security Services

Besides peace of mind and having someone available to respond to emergencies on the behalf of the owner,

key holding & Access control security services provides additional advantages that include:

• Working closely with the providers of specialist security services that may provide a bespoke key holding service and additional security services that meet the unique needs of the business.

• The creation of complete, professional reports that record any incidents and responses. These reports may be used for many purposes such as insurance and in financial applications.

• The security of the business is monitored and managed by a professional team of specialists.

• Additional services may be added to the security portfolio, which could include onsite patrols and services to provide added protection to employees working onsite during emergencies.

Choosing the Right Security Provider

Look for a trusted security provider that has many respected clients and a positive history providing their services in the UK.

Business owners need to do their research!

Ask for references and pick a firm that has the ability to create unique security systems and services; ones that will work for your specific business needs.

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