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I think I found my prince My knight to fight for me


I think I found my prince

My knight to fight for me

To save me from my demons

Who live to destroy me

It's almost like a fairytale

It feels make believe

But I close my eyes &open them

And realize it's not a dream

This love has hit me

Like a winters wind in the sky

Piercing my skin with its tingle

So cold it tears my eyes

Sends shivers to my body

But this time I don't wanna keep warm

If your love is cold like winter

Then I'm ready for the storm

I'll take a hot coco and be one

With the wind

I'll lay back and make snow angles

Then I'll sit back and pray to them

Pray I'll never lose you

Pray you'll never fade away

Pray that when things get hot for us

You'll turn into my beautiful sunny day

Spring into my arms

For you I will fall

Love is like a gamble

For you I'll risk it all

Tell me if I'm tripping

Because I think I'm

Gonna fall

Fall In love with you

Will you answer if I call ?

Call for you to join me

Jump into this pool of love

Drown inside my heart of love

And let our souls become one

It's clear that your the one for me

Together it equals perfect math

I guess what I'm really trying to say

Is you are my better half

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