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If the machines all around us had feelings, what would they speak about? And how would their lives change? Read and find out!

The Machine Diaries

"It's a Sunday. Thank God for small mercies!" exclaimed the great chunky washing machine.

The old coffee machine, now relegated to the storeroom after the arrival of the new model, heard the remark. "And why are you so happy about that, Mr.


" "Oh, I didn't realize you heard that, little one!

Well, I feel relieved because I will not have to exercise these old parts too much today, because the humans are not going to get up early on their day off! Can you hear me creaking all over?

I do need to rest a bit, and I'm not going to let go of the opportunity today!

The daily grind will begin yet again from tomorrow...

"Ah well, if I could be so lucky", said the little coffee machine sadly. "At least they value you! As for me, they tossed me aside the same day I had a little trouble with my frothing function.

That slim shiny one they now proudly display in their dining area is forever making purring noises just to spite me, I swear!

I just needed a bit of cleaning, a little polishing, and I would have been as good as new! But they couldn't be bothered!

Now I have no hope of ever puffing, steaming and brewing the way I used to", declared the coffee machine dejectedly.

"No kidding", butted in the vacuum cleaner.

"Listen to you two going on and on! At least neither of you has suffered the humiliation I have!

When I was brought to this house, you'd think they had won the lottery or something-everyone was all-smiles!

She kept admiring me (I WAS rather attractive with my sleek grey body and top-notch technology) and couldn't wait for me to gobble up every little speck of dust.

But alas! The very first time they tried setting me up, the dog decided to jump right over me.

And the silly mutt got his little paws entangled in the cable, tripped and managed to fracture one of his legs (alright, I felt bad for him, but it was NOT my fault!).

The lady of the household, being rather attached to that impatient creature, decided that it was all because of me! She hurled abuses at me and swore she would never allow me to be used again"

"Ever thought about me, you all? I literally wash their dirty dishes every day, and they are still never happy with me" complained the dishwasher in the kitchen next door.

They dump everything together-the cutlery, crockery, the big pots and the little blowtorch! Whether it's steel or ceramic, porcelain or silverware, they never bother sorting anything!

Their ignorance has resulted in quite a few of their precious dishes getting cracked, and many cups have chinks now.

But do they take any responsibility for these mishaps?

NO SIR! It's always because of poor old' me! That tyrant even kicked me in frustration the other day, not realizing he was damaging all my delicate buttons"!

"Hey! All of you, enough of your whining! Can even ONE of compete with my backbreaking load every single day? Is it time for breakfast? Oh, I have to start working.

Next, the baby needs apple puree right then and there. Sure, I'm the one to get it done.

What about lunch? Can a sandwich or something do? Oh no, who'd be happy with simple fare?

! Out with all our fancy attachments for the chopping, mixing, grinding, kneading, mincing, and dicing!

While they feast and then snore away, we wait, (smeared with all kinds of sauces, vegetable shavings,

and a whole gamut of oily residues) in the sink all night until somebody deigns to give us a cursory cleaning the next morning, grumbling all the while.

We food processors are an over-worked, under-appreciated lot!

"I have something to share too", piped up a quiet voice. Everybody twisted in their spots to see who had spoken. "It's me", said the treadmill.

The coffee machine and the treadmill were neighbors in the spider-infested corner of the store-room.

"Here's my story: After much deliberation, the humans decided they needed me to get an exercise routine started.

They looked at various models and chose me, because they thought my color scheme was a perfect match with the house (!!).

Turns out my size wasn't though, as they couldn't actually fit me inside that tiny room.

No place to keep me, and no way to return me to the store apparently, as I had been bought at a minuscule price as part of the store's closing down sale!

That's how this storeroom became my home... and that's how I became tread-nil from treadmill", finished the poor thing.

The machines continued their commiserations.

The next morning, the human world went into lock down on account of some tiny creature they couldn't control. And, just like that, the gadgets saw their fates change.

* The creaky washing machine wasn't so tired anymore because people stayed in, used hardly any office clothes, hosted no parties and went nowhere. Result: Fewer clothes washed.

* The coffee machine was re-discovered by the lady when she peeped into the storeroom out of sheer boredom.

She decided to restore her with a good scrub and carry her off to her own room so that she didn't have to come outside to fetch coffee while working from the home office.

* Since cleaning the house became a constructive way of passing the time, the vacuum cleaner was forgiven for his past misdeed.

He was soon seen zooming in and out of the whole house, peeking in every nook and cranny and finally getting to do his job.

* The dishwasher stopped bearing the brunt of the humans' carelessness.

With no parties, no guests, no takeaway food and a lot more time on their hands,

they ended up doing a lot of the dishes manually and using the dishwasher with the discipline she should have enjoyed from day one.

* The food processor heaved a sigh of relief. No more elaborate meals meant lesser ingredients and simple food.

Barely any need for him to churn and chop, meaning he could rest his tired parts aplenty and manage to remain clean.

* At long last, our friend, the treadmill, was propped up neatly again, albeit inside the storeroom.

The place was thoroughly scrubbed clean and shiny, the spiders driven away and the cobwebs lifted. The humans saw her for the powerful ally she was-and she finally got to live her destiny.

And they all lived happily ever after....

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