TORN (Song Version) Copyright © Kesha D. Ely ™
TORN (Song Version)
Copyright © Kesha D. Ely ™ poems stories

keshadely Writer, Composer.
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This is a sad song I wrote in 2015, it’s very emotional and much like a song Adele or Taylor Swift would sing. Prepare tissues! There are 6 parts in total that are finished, this is a part of a completed poetry collection. I will upload it all soon.


Copyright © Kesha D. Ely ™ 2015​

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TORN (Song Version) Copyright © Kesha D. Ely ™

I saw you standing

At the back of the club

Ripped jeans

And a cigarette bud

My friends told me

That you were no good

That you break hearts

More than anyone could

But something drew me

Closer to you

Like flames and fire

We were meant to be two

So why am I crying my eyes out?

Why is my mind filled with so many doubts?

To be continued....

Wanna hear my sing this?

It’s on YouTube under the name KeshaDEly

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