Land of the Free
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kerouacs Poetry and fiction lover
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This is just a bit I felt like writing down following the events of the past month. It's my first poem, so I'm open to any constructive criticism!

Land of the Free

The American dream dead, how can it be? There's no freedom here in the land of the free.

Land of the free? I want to be a member, of a nation that condemns it's children to hell for loving their own gender.

"Don't trust them," the people will say. But don't trust who? Those who live a different way, from me and you? Are they black or white? A muslim or a jew?

Where is this land of the free? I'll tell you where. It's where people die in fear, and we're too desensitized to spare them a tear. Open up your eyes a bit wider, and then you'll see.

The discriminated minority in the land of the free.

But when was America great? Was it when we dropped the atoms bombs? Or was it when we were segregated by race? We have a long way to fix this broken place, here in the land of the free.

Or is it right now, when the actions of our ancestors lay on our backs. We're expected to build up the mighty castle, but the foundation's been cracked.

It's a place with racism and police brutality. People barely getting paid, and here's your reality, watching one shooting after the other here in the land of the free.

When was America this freedom land? The hope for immigrants wanting to take a stand. With love in their hearts, and dust on their hands.

Was it when the colonists forced Native Americans out of their own land?

The system is flawed, and it's clear to you and me. America sure doesn't seem like the land of the free.

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