Shrek comforts you in more ways than one
Shrek comforts you in more ways than one shrek stories

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This is a work of fiction in which you, the reader, find yourself upset from your mother's hating of you and a handsome green ogre comes over to offer you comfort.

Shrek comforts you in more ways than one

You were feeling particularly down today, your family had just told you that they thought you were stupid, that you were no longer worth their time.

They were not as cruel to completely cut you off, and said you could stay as long as you needed before you became settled with a new job and home. Yet, it did not lessen the pain that you felt.

You heaved a weary sigh, and felt the sadness settle deep into your bones.

You gazed across the empty fields and felt a pang of jealousy towards a lamb that was with its mother,

and clearly that was such a strong bond between the two darling creatures -- if only your mother had loved you liked that.

You felt a hot tear escape from your eyelashes, and for once you did not bother to hide it.

As you were sobbing softly, you heard footsteps nearing your perch on a log. Quickly you found yourself wiping your face, hoping the stranger wouldn't notice your upset.

Clearly it was not enough as suddenly there was a warm hand gripping your shoulder.

"Are you alright, pet?" The stranger had a deep scottish voice, and you turned to see the greenest ogre you had ever laid eyes upon.

He was well built, but slightly soft in the middle and his eyes were a gorgeous chocolate brown.

You found floundering for words, unable to utter a single word in this presence of beauty. "Y-y-yes." You whispered.

"At least I will be," you added bitterly, "my mother is kicking me out, they think I'm stupid."

The stranger sat down beside you, and heaved a deep sigh. The log groaned underneath the weight of the ogre. "Look," he started, "I'm sure you're much smarter than they think.

You can always stay at mine if you need to." He offered, giving you a warm smile and you caught the whiff of onions and roasted frog on his breath. "The name's Shrek by the way."

He took your hand and shook it firmly, you felt butterflies erupt in your stomach. "Th-th-thank you Shrek." You returned his smile, feeling the happiest you had felt in a long while.

"My name is y/n."

He took your hand and pulled you closer to whisper in your ear, "what a pleasure to meet you y/n.

" Instead of letting you go, the ogre seemed to hold you there and then you felt the press of his slimy lips on your neck. Your breath caught in your throat.

"It's all ogre now, I've got you here my little sweetcheeks."

Never had you felt this safe or comforted in the strong arms of your new beloved -- Shrek. You suddenly yearn for him, and wanted nothing more than for this brave ogre to make you his forever.

"Take me Sh-Sh-Shrek, I'm yours."

"That's my good little kitten." He breathed against your neck. The ogre pulled you into his lap and locked you there, holding you firmly in his strong arms.

Your lips were meeting his, and now you could taste the onion juice that had lingered there. His lips moved against yours and then your tongue met his.

It felt like he was devouring your mouth, and you loved every moment of it. He pulled away, and there was a trail of spit connecting you both.

You found yourself gasping for breath and his thumb roughly swiped your lips.

Then without warning, you felt him kissing down your neck and you squirm in pleasure. You felt a bulge against your crotch and you grinded gently downwards.

Shrek was then pulling you back, seemingly gasping for air. "Now now kitten, don't tease me for what you can't handle."

You looked him in the eye, "but I want you Shrek." You moaned as he pushed you down against the log, trapping you there with the weight of your body.

There was a crack, and you suddenly felt a hot pain. It was no doubt a rib being broken by the weight of Shrek, but you didn't mind. It was worth it.

Just like every suffering that you would go through for the love of your life -- Shrek.

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