The Last 28 Days in My Life: 11 days to the end
The Last 28 Days in My Life:
11 days to the end write stories

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The Last 28 Days in My Life: 11 days to the end

The Last 28 Days in My Life: 11 days to the end

11 days to the end. I found a tiny metal key with a map that was sketched ineptly when I was doing the final decluttering previously. On the map there was a big cross which said time capsule.

I tried hard to recall but all I could remember was that I had buried a time capsule somewhere near my school back in my teenage years. I didn’t have a clue of what it was in the time capsule.

Simply grabbing a digging tool from the shed, I set out to the stated destination. It took me some time to finally discover the exact spot and retrieve the time capsule. As I unlocked the case, my heart skipped a beat when I saw an envelope lying inside.

The pale blue colour of the envelope had somewhat yellowed with age. On the front side there was a few faded words which read “Dear Future Me”. Inside the envelope there was a slightly crinkled letter.

Dear Future Me, I believe the moment you read this; you are already a grown-up. I assume you have achieved most of your dreams and you’re now living a wonderful life that you used to envisage.

I have the greatest faith in you as I know better than anyone else about all the virtues in you. Please promise me that you will still be the same you and keep on striving for the next Future Me. Love, Present Me

A sense of desolation surged in my heart as I finished reading the letter. It was exasperating that there was so little I could do to stop my future from diminishing. How could I create myself a future when what I saw along the path was merely shadows…?

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