"Human" A true trans experince
"Human" A true trans experince trans stories

keonthegreat Community member
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Sorry if the poem is shit. Its just me venting

"Human" A true trans experince

I could have to deal with this til I die As soon or as far as that may be With The restrictions they’ve put on my body I’m just wondering when I’ll be free

I see other people trying to make a change But here I’m sitting without hope With letters givin to me at birth That I would like to simply rearrange

Some days I feel I’m trapped With no way to get out With people all around just staring wondering “what all that’s about”

Experiences that I’ll never get to feel From growing up male To having people find out and suddenly talk shit As if they forgot that I’m a real

Human As human as all of you A human that’s also A real man even you think it’s not true

A struggle to get through day to day With my mind causing me to think I shouldn’t of been born this way If only I could make it all be gone with a blink

of an eye An eye I don’t even like It’s to feminine So much it keeps me up at night

Shit so minor like the way I walk The lead singers of my favorite bands Or just how I talk And simply move my hands

It’s not me trying to be the real me It’s more then that It’s not a fashion choice It’s me not trying to be sad

And anxious all the time With panic attacks triggered From looking in the mirror And being so dysphoric all I want to do is hide

From skipping family events Because it’s easier to skip then explain To skipping school because some days Being seen by others is a feeling so terrible I just can’t contain

"It" is what pronouns people have used It as if I’m a foreign object An alien As if they simply forgot I’m a


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