Can't Help Falling In Love (sample)
Can't Help Falling In Love (sample) romance stories

kentiannaj I'm a young 17 year old writer
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You crossed the line with Sean. Now that he knows he wants you too, will the spark between you become a flame?

By: Kenti'Anna Johnson

Can't Help Falling In Love (sample)

by Kenti'Anna Johnson

" Did you really think I didn't want you?" Sean says with lust.

Sean grips your hips tight as you straddle his lap. Adrenaline courses through you as you fell his cock, hard and heavy against your thigh.

Oh my god! Is he that hard... because of me?

The heat of embarrassment - and arousal - spreads quickly across your skin. Sean's eyes are dark and stormy as he takes you in.

" You climbed on my lap in those little shorts, Molly. What did you expect to happen? he says with dark eyes. " I though You'd find it weird. I mean we've never crossed that line before.

I assumed you'd be a little... grossed out by it.

Sean narrows his eyes." You really think that? It never occurred to you that I might notice how beautiful you are?" he speaks with love. " Sean..." I say but he stops me.

" Your fucking stunning, Molly. I'm not stupid and I'm not blind.

You both pause for a moment searching each others eyes. Sean's words - heavy and honest as a confession - lay in the silence between you. Is Sean saying...

he's attracted to me? Sean is a famous Chicago playboy, and heir to a huge hotel empire. Is it possible he could actually want me?

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