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Joka got home and made a cup of coffee, sat on his sofa and thought of the inspiration he just had in his mind while driving back. He was muttering to himself and finally he seemed to come to a conclusion.


He sat with his coffee while the rain had given no sign of stopping as it vigorously poured on his coned tin roof making a violent sound as if it is gonna burst through the ceiling.

A round table beside his stool contained a color plate and few brushes but sub consciously kept enough space for his cup of coffee.

His phone rang coincidentally with a loud lightning noise but he left unmoved. The phone kept ringing and his eyes finally had attended the caller.

Muko was calling him but he was in no mood to answer, so he ignored it.

The coffee cup had made its way from the misery of his lips to the sturdy table while he wondered of all the things he would have done if he didn't have any plans in such a pleasant rainy evening.

He probably would have read his murder mysteries with the company of his coffee or he would have picked up his brush and complete the painting of this young lady in red that he was wanting to complete from the past week but something seemed to block his creativity.

It was her leg that didn't seem to contrast her red dress and the blue carpet that was totally out of place, at least according to him. Muko called him again and he ignored again.

His coffee was draining down his throat along with his thoughts but he didn't realize that until the cup was empty and he finally came to senses and realized there was no sip left.

He lied down on the sofa and stared at the roof into nothingness until his phone rang again. He had lost himself in his own thoughts and the sudden noise from his phone really got him this time.

He panicked and reacted by picking up his phone. "Joka!!" Shouted Muko.

"Why are you ignoring my calls?? You ask me for favors and then when I do it for you, you don't even care!! Are you even serious? Anyways, the package you asked for! I have got it.

It is with me, but I had to tamper with it a little, hope you don't mind !! " Joka carelessly replied " Thank you, I owe you one! "

"When are you coming? Make sure it's not too late! I have things to do after midnight ! " Muko continued the call.

" Can it wait till tomorrow ? " Muko refused and asked him to come take his package. It left him with no choice but to be there in another hour.

The coffee mug was left at the sink to be washed later as he went and took a warm bath in the shower.

There was an array of shirt hung in carefully arranged order from his least favorite to his favorite color. Jeans were ironed and stood in the wardrobe in a collection heaved over one another.

He wore a black shirt buttoned completely to his throat and simple denim blue jeans complimented with a brown boot.

Collecting an umbrella and his car keys just near his entrance door, he left on his navy blue sedan that never looks as old it is for the care he has been taking with it.

Rain was milder where Muko lived, and it was dark by the time he rang the door bell which could be seen under a yellow dim light that stationed just over his entrance door.

There wasn't much neighborhood around, just 3-4 residence houses and an abandoned park where the bushes and grass grew so tall, you could hardly see the playground and the broken swings.

As he waited on the small steps that led to the entrance, Muko switched on the light of the room. Joka could feel an eye through the peephole and the door finally opened.

"Finally, We have been waiting!"

Muko offered him a pint of beer as Joka put his umbrella carefully by the edge of the wall and sat down on the sofa.

" So where is it ?"

They went down the basement which was so nicely kept with frames of Muko's favorite paintings and sofa kept at the core of it facing a fridge filled with more alcoholic beverages.

Well lit and air conditioned, it was maintained really well and as Joka approached the sofa he finally could look at his package.

He went closer and could see the pool of blood which made him stop at his tracks. He analysed, and went closer " Can you hear me Miss? Can you tell me your name?"

"I didn't have much choice, I got slit in my gut and I really lost control of the situation and now it is like what you see" Muko explained!

She tried to headbutt Joka but the rope that kept her tied from the belly, throat and hands stopped her from reaching Joka but the chair did move a little.

It didn't startle him though, he calmly responded " I understand you are scared, anyone would be, but I promise you there will be no harm done to you.

All we want is you to be part of our creation in building a world celebrated through art.

We want you to play a part that we know at present state you won't agree but we want to show you the wonders you can do in this world ! "

Joka turned to Muko " Look, I know it is asking too much, just keep her tonight, I ll be back tomorrow for her.

I have got to make some arrangements for her ! Just one last favour !" Muko reluctantly agreed.

Joka got home and made a cup of coffee, sat on his sofa and thought of the inspiration he just had in his mind while driving back.

He was muttering to himself and finally he seemed to come to a conclusion. He was ready to complete his painting.

He left his coffee mug to be finished later, went down to his painting room and gently caressed the hair of the lady lying half conscious tied to a pole.

" Are you awake? Listen, I ll have to cut you a little. I finally have the last piece of the puzzle. What better than a lady in a red dress lying in a pool of blood red.

Won't that be a sight to behold. I ll show it to you but meanwhile just bear the pain. Thank you again for doing this for me ".

Joka stood in front of his canvas, repainted the carpet with blood through the scope of his eyes and finally her leg justified the beautiful red dress drowned in the blood and

its splatters all around her skin. Her half conscious face wore an acceptance of probably that she doesn't have a choice or of her death.

Face was anonymous which did paint her present state as the days wore her down and probably would take her few weeks to recognize herself.

You could see the window behind the pole but that he had painted in broad daylight and had a ray of light peeping through.

With her face ignoring the light, it perfectly displayed her dismay . He termed it "The Hues of Red" with J written in caps on the bottom right of his painting.

He could not stop smiling. Just before he left the room to quench his need of a coffee, he kissed her forehead and whispered "Congratulations. We are done here. You did great.

Thank you for your patience. You are free now!".

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