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What is human?

Sincerely Infinity

Of bitten tongues,

And stifled dreams.

These Lost highways ,

Leading to dark matter.

Cogs are we, nameless cognomen.

Gods? Monsters? Mice of Men?

Just a means to the universe's end.

No words can ever truly explain

Any name, of this animal, that is man.

A mirror to the stars,

Surrounded by infinite dark.

Yet the sun of life forever shines,

Down the depths of our dark collective mind.

Down, deep underneath eternity.

We will only find the answer here.

At the end of human history

Or our own lives

Will we see between the lines

To the lines between, connecting things.

From you to me, from me to sea.

The moon to tree and tree to heart.

Connected by beats

and all the possibilities-

Man has invented,

a endless combination of hieroglyphs,

rationalizations, and scientific quotations; proven or disproven

By the next, generation..

Or by the last Man.

He and We are but chimera!

Head of lion, fangs of snake.

Arms of bear and legs too late.

For we can never, outrun our fate.

To self implode on the ego

To trade the soul for synthetic handholds.

Though this be natural progress..

One thing comes and another regressed.

For the universe itself is growing out

While dieing in.

Just like us

So Farewell humanity

Fare the well fare the well

You've had a good run

But something else

We may become

Or return to.

Fare the well.

Sincerely, infinity

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