Dream Journal Entry July/12/2020
Dream Journal Entry July/12/2020 dreams stories

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This is one of my dream journal entries. Lots of clarity in this vision. As opposed to most of my dreams.

Dream Journal Entry July/12/2020

To begin my dream entry, there are certain aspects of reality that are much different from the reality that most of us here on Earth experience.

In the common experience you will have a certain amount of friends. It may be one friend, or many. You can remember each of their individual faces and the things about them and their names.

They are someone you know as a part of your life and you may even consider them to be family. In my dreams; I know the people around me. I do not know their names. I cannot see their faces.

But nevertheless, I have the feeling that they are family. I have full trust and belief in them as if they were my lover, brother, or sister.

I know no detail about these people, not their names even. Yet I know who they are.

Where their faces would be, always seem to be covered in what I can only describe as waves rising off of the ground when it is hot out.

Amidst the blur, the static, sometimes the faces of my family and friends on earth appear for seconds at a time and then disappear only to be replaced with the blur.

Across all of my dreams this is typically how I perceive other characters outside of myself.

As for the environment or the setting of the dream; usually I only can remember one place. But for the dream that I had the night of the 11th of July, 2020.

There were multiple scenes that I had experienced and can remember with great clarity.

I resort to typing this out because I have no other way that is even close to being able to express the experiences that are locked inside my brain.

What I can see, hear, smell and taste far outweigh the details that I can convey through literature.

There will be a time in the near future, I promise, where you will be able to go inside of each other's experiences and see for yourself.

All forms of art are the subconscious yearning for better ability to get ideas across. But there is a mental medium in which this can be done. Most of the world is not aware of this.

But we are well on our way of attaining this.

My dream begins with me and my friends about to begin a hike. I look up at a sign at the trailhead. The sign reads "Bear Country".

For some reason the first irrational fear of mine is that me and my friends are going to hike through a forest that is home to tons of bears with zero protection.

You can already see the logic of my dreams and how askew it is.

The trail-head veers slightly to the right and goes uphill. The dirt path is about three feet in width with grass over growing on both sides.

To the left of the path is a gully with rocks and a river running through. The sun is bright and the birds are singing. We begin our journey along this trail.

After some time walking we eventually get to an opening in the forest that has a small building off to the right. I assumed it was a bathroom for travelers.

I walk past the bathroom and then hear some sort of noise behind me. I turn and to my amazement I see my friends and family feeding, playing with and petting this huge grizzly bear.

I look back on my dreams and can see the symbology that shines through my thought process. Everything outside of me shows me there is no logical reason to be scared. The vibe is good.

My family is comfortable with the bear and the bear is emitting a good aura. But yet I was still full of fear. If you understand how dreams work as opposed to here on earth.

Your thoughts and emotions about your experience manifest your reality at an alarming rate. As for Earth.

There is a buffer on how long it takes for your thoughts and emotions to create the reality around you. Which mostly keeps us in a bind. But it also allows us to ease ourselves into the truth.

I turned and tried to slowly get back to walking the trail. Because it just seemed insane to me that they were at peace with the bear.

I have obviously, at this point, forgotten the truth about any experience. I can feel the bear's attention go to me. It can sense my fear.

I am trying so hard to walk without taking long strides. I do not want to run because I know it will chase me. I, as the observer, did not like this dream and how it was going.

I remember looping through this exact same experience multiple times. Starting at the bathroom where I notice the bear.

Then ending at the fear of the bear on my heels and wanting to run as fast as I can.

The dream fast forwards me to a house near the end of the trail. At moments in this experience I feel that my family and friends are with me. But at other times it feels like they are not.

I could tell, deep inside, this house was full of magic. In my head a voice said it was a house for fairies. But that the fairies were long gone. Me and my family walked inside this house.

I would describe the outside but it seemed it didn't matter to my dream and so there were little or no details. What mattered was the inside. Magic was moving all throughout the house.

It looked like sparklers on the fourth of july. The magic would dance and clean things and dust and sing music. It was not the fairies themselves but it was the magic of the fairies.

I then entered a room. I could only speculate on what the room was used for. There was a wooden rectangle table in the middle of the room with all types of magical sewing equipment.

There were tons of clothes that had been sewn by the fairies. I saw lots of pink and purple hues. To the left there were shelves with shiny trinkets, vases and what not.

To the left above the vases was a beautiful window and golden light was pouring through it. At the far end of the room was a set of stairs that went very deep.

A couple things were off to me when it came to these stairs. The rest of the room was made of this vibrant almost red wood that had a sweet smell to it.

But the stairs at the end of the room were made of a dark and wet cobblestone. And the walls were covered with moss.

You could discern that the fairies could fly because the stairs went very deep.

The stairs were facing the opposite direction so it was like you would have to fly down halfway to even begin the steps. You could not access these stairs.

If you tried to, you would most certainly fall to your death. Something at the bottom of these steps was locked away behind a door.

Either my family or my own thoughts explained to me that whatever was down there has turned its face to evil. And that it was related to the fairies. Here on Earth we call them imps I believe.

Corrupt fairies. But in my experience. The word does not do this thing justice. It is a dark and heavy ancient aura. One of old knowledge and pure want to kill and destroy.

Again a side of my own subconscious that is speaking to me through symbology.

Somehow I reach the bottom of these stairs and walk into the room, with my family and friends, where this thing exists. We walked through the doorway.When we walked out of the other side.

We look back and there is no door. But a huge stone wall that goes up to the sky and there is a large crack in it. To us the crack is the size of a cave.

So, to me, it was like walking through a door and out of a cave. This cave was like a dome where light came in through the top. I could tell the outside world, Earth, was outside of this cave.

But I knew there was no way to get here but through that doorway. There were all kinds of forestry and animals inside this cave.

But I remember a large herd of goats with long horns that curved into a spiral. All feeding on the grass in the cave. There was no evil thing to be seen. This place seemed like a type of heaven.

It was serene.

I have by now walked down the green hills from the cavern wall. I went down into the valley among the goats and looked up at the wall.

It was immensely large and wind would blow through the cavern. Squirrels would jump from tree to tree and glide on the way there. Beautiful flowers. Birds were singing. All life was in harmony.

I enjoyed this for a long time.

Immediately all things changed. The herd of goats started to stampede out of fear and scream as if they were being slaughtered.

They gathered in huge numbers and ran for the hills that led to the crack in the wall. I could see them from far away as I stood in the valley.

I watched as this herd tried to funnel into the crack in the wall. Every bird grew silent. All wind had stopped. Every squirrel and little thing ran into hiding as well.

I could tell that whatever this was. It was now here.. and awake. All light ran from it. This thing. It was not made of anything but pure darkness.

There was no face imaginable that could describe the horror in which it brought to the observer. No face or form scary enough to resemble what this was. This thing that I faced.

Has chased me from nightmare to nightmare. It takes many forms of the things I fear. It could be the bear. It could be a tiger. It could be a tsunami. It could be me drowning.

It could be the last part of me that I need to show love to. Most men never will.

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