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The writer who fell in love.

I'm just a writer

I sit alone in a lonely night,

I sit only alone thinking that I'm no knight.

I can't protect you the way I thought I would,

But I can only look at you from where I always stood.

I'm no knight that would shield you from danger,

But I can help you avoid all of them major.

I could write stories about how lovely you are,

I could write stories about you standing under a blue star,

Talk about how beautiful the night sky will be,

Under the moonlight thinking if I confess would you agree?

To be with a low life writer with a vast imagination,

Or you'll rather wait for the prince, who would give you a kingdom and a proclamation,

I can wait if you want but don't take too long,

Because I will think you would say no but I might be wrong.

I'm no knight that's for sure,

I'm no prince either I'm just a writer whose heart is pure.

My mind is all I got to give to you,

I don't have a silver armor or gold riches but I can give a rose that's color blue.

A rose that's lovely as a blue moon in the night sky,

A rose that means the impossible and so hard to come by.

I'll go on a journey to find it for you,

I'll go to dangerous places where I don't have a clue,

And after the journey and I have the rose in my hand,

Then we'll live in a peaceful cabin in the middle of the woods as we planned.

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