Sitting on the fence,
Sitting on the fence, 
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kenneth2836 i'm just a vessel given relevance
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On the fence

Sitting on the fence,

Why am i neither cold or hot

Why am I neither black or white

This feeling is the worst feeling, not belonging any where

I stayed mad at God because he closed the door to the empire and I couldn't get in

He has the master key to lock and open the door but I never understood he never locks a door except he had somewhere better I should be and my prayers was a limitation. I should be somewhere better

Now I'm neither cold or warm because I'm sitting on the fence Mercy dont spit me out. I'm now trusting more in the process

He doesn't abandon any project unfinished

And blessed is he , whosoever shall not be offended in me. Matthew 11:6 KJVA I can't stay mad at him cause I know now the plans got bigger

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