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If you are someone who was recently employed on his or her first job, then this is for you.


Hearing the constant hitting of hammer and nail, as well as the endless hymn produced by the living heavy equipment, I felt motionless inside a box with nothing but the computer to face.

Then, the bell gonged as if telling me the infinite moments of stillness for the years to come. Is this it? Is this the life after that educational jail? Was I transferred to an impregnable prison?

It was Tuesday evening when the thought hit me. It has been 2 months, 17 days, 9 hours and 55 minutes since I was situated within this cage. Sometimes, I envy the sun as it sets, with the moon to replace it.

Yes, the pay is good. Yes, the other bees were sociable. But, as days passed, it felt like I was stagnant water waiting for the mosquitoes to lay their eggs on, being still while the others create.

This is not what I imagined I would be in. I know deep within myself that I am capable of doing more. I know that I have the potential to become someone. How can I find the perfect place where my potential will be developed and I am not shackled by circumstance?

I walked home with the thoughts still resonating within my mind. Then, several feet away, I saw a figure underneath a street light.

I was cautious at first but as I continuously walked, it was a kid, maybe 13 or 14 years old holding a book with one hand and writing with the other.

I unknowingly stared and directly asked in a funny tone, “Way suga sa inyo dong?”(Don't you have light at your house, kid?) The boy looked up saying, “Ngita lag paagi ‘ya gud.”(We should always find a way.)

Then, it hit me.

It was not circumstance that locked me.

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