The beast who finds
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A creature finds happiness despite himself

The beast who finds

There's a creature out there, As all tales say A creature so big, so vile.. It's evil and scheming But this beast, is not.

He hides when he should And runs when he must But one thing they never tell you about the beast Is that he is lost

For he finds things that make him happy This is what he does The beast who finds the happiness, Far away from his home

For he looks of a man with hair, skin and eyes But not always did he look this way

He changed because he wanted to, not because he had to He wants to see the people They intrigue him beyond belief He wants to watch them grow

But now has come the time when he realises There's nothing that makes him happier than seeing the people Why is this?

The people find fun The people find fear The people find love In all these things they find there lies happiness

And now he, a beast Is wishing he could be a people So he may also find happiness in all the tiny things in life But for now He will simply let them influence him

For the people make him happy -The beast who found

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