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Ziva's Journal: Day 1 Today the firey fury of the underworld was unleashed on us. I am the only survivor I'm aware of. As evening fell, large cracks opened up across the ground.

Ziva's Journal

Ziva's Journal: Day 1

Today the firey fury of the underworld was unleashed on us. I am the only survivor I'm aware of. As evening fell, large cracks opened up across the ground.

An army of the undead emerged, fiends of all kinds. Living skeletons, bodies with flesh rotting on their bones, ghoulish spirits. Immediate panic ensued.

People ran, trying to escape from the horrid sight. But none of them were fast enough. I was fortunate to be far enough away from the biggest cracks.

I ran towards the woods, having grabbed only my sword, this journal, and a few writing utensils. I cannot even begin to express the horror I have seen today.

People mowed down in the streets, consumed by the very dead they've buried.

I don't know how long I'll survive, but I will keep this journal in case some piece of humanity still exists and comes across this someday. Until then, this is Ziva, out.

Ziva's Journal: Day 5

I have been wandering for days now, trying to put as much distance between me and the city.

The cracks don't seem to be confined to the cities but are far scarcer the further you get from civilization. Surprisingly, there don't seem to be any undead creatures, only human remains.

I suppose that's for the best though, as I can't imagine how many creatures have died in the lifetime of the planet.

I have given some thought to the origins of this undead invasion, and I have no solid idea of how it happened.

I suppose it is possible that a young mage who didn't know his own power tried to bring a loved one back.

In that case, my best bet to fix this would be to find a surviving person who knows magic. I'll report back in here as often as I feel is appropriate. Until then, this is Ziva, out.

Ziva's Journal: Week 3, Day 1

It has now been some 3 weeks and a day since the rise of the undead. Today I found the first surviving person other than me. His name is Liam.

He can't be any older than six or seven, but he's plenty intelligent for his age. I found him in a very rough makeshift shelter.

He told me he'd been living there for about a week, and he says he's from the next town over. It appears this is definitely not isolated to my town.

I have made a vow to myself and Liam that I will protect him, no matter what. On different matters, I have run into a few of the undead as I have wandered.

They are positively ancient and must have died thousands of years ago. I have managed to learn much from these encounters and discovered some weaknesses.

One of the undead in the flesh stage is incredibly slow, so they are pretty well harmless unless they corner you. I have decided to classify them as Rotters.

Since Rotters are so slow, they are pretty easy to disable, all you have to do is lop off their arms and legs and they become useless.

In addition to Rotters, I have also encountered a few Skeletons. Skeletons appear to be far more intelligent than Rotters, despite having no apparent brain.

Skeletons are far harder to defeat as they tend to group into packs, as well as wield weapons such as swords, bows, and clubs.

Although I didn't see everything that happened in the towns, I think it is safe to assume that the Skeletons are what did most of the damage to human civilization.

Skeletons are easy to kill once you are able to make a hit on them. Their bones are brittle and practically turn to dust when hit hard enough.

I have yet to encounter any of the spirits, which I have decided to call Ghouls. As soon as I do, however, I will chronicle their weaknesses in my journal. Until then, this is Ziva, out.

Ziva's Journal: Month 6, Week 2, Day 5

Liam and I finally found a place to call home. We found an abandoned cabin out here in the woods.

It appears the owners left it long ago, but with a little hard work and devotion, we can make it a solid fortress. I have grown quite attached to Liam.

He proves his worth every day, and it certainly helps to have another human to talk to.

We did have an encounter a few weeks ago with a Ghoul, which greatly helped increase my understanding of them. As we traveled along, we came across a wolf that looked quite mad.

There were no indications of the rest of its pack, and it was badly scarred. Feeling pity for the poor creature, I decided to put it out of its misery.

When I tried to approach the beast, it attacked me, trying to bite me. I managed to narrowly avoid its teeth, and cut the creature's throat.

As the wolf died, a Ghoul emerged from its body, nearly as ravenous as the wolf. It flew towards me, passing right through me and entering my mind.

It then began to try and force its way into possessing my body. However, with extreme willpower, I managed to force it out of my mind and away.

Leaving me with a deafening screech, the Ghoul vanished in a puff of mist.

From this encounter, I was able to deduce that while Ghouls cannot physically interact with the world on their own,

they have the ability to possess lesser minds and use that to inflict their damage.

I will certainly have to train Liam to put up mental barricades against Ghouls, although I imagine it will be quite easy given his incredible intelligence.

I don't anticipate much significant happening, but should anything happen, I will report it here. Until then, this is Ziva, out.

Ziva's Journal: Year 10, Month 3, Week 4, Day 7

Liam has grown into quite the young man. We have survived for years, with minimal encounters with any of the undead.

I have done my very best to teach Liam everything I know, and by some great fortune, the cabin has a quite well-stocked library.

Liam has consumed every book at least two or three times and is always doing his best to learn more about the world.

Today was my fifty-fifth birthday, and I am starting to feel the effects of my age. My bones creak and I cannot do as much as before.

Liam gave me a rather clever wheeled chair for me to get around in. That is all. I am more than satisfied to end my days here, like this.

I don't anticipate anything else happening, but should it happen, I will record it here. Until then, this is Ziva, out.

Ziva's Journal: Year 10, Month 4, Week 1, Day 1

Something horrible has happened. While Liam and I were out this morning for a walk, we could hear the distant sound of a massive movement. Liam left me, leaving to investigate the sound.

Before long, he ran towards me, followed by a group of Skeletons firing arrows at him. Just as he reached me, one of the underworldly beings shot him through the back.

He collapsed onto me, grabbing me desperately. His face went white as he lost blood. With his dying breath, he warned me there was an undead army approaching, and that he loved me.

I ran back to the cabin, where I locked myself in. Before long, the army of the undead surrounded my home, where they still are. I don't think there's any getting out of this.

My biggest regret is that I couldn't save Liam. I only hope he knew I loved him too. I am resigned to my fate. This is my last journal entry. I hope to find Liam happily in the afterlife.

Until then, Love -Ziva.

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