The Rickle-Rackle
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Legends tell of an ancient beast Said to stalk the night

The Rickle-Rackle

Legends tell of an ancient beast

Said to stalk the night

It flew from the east

Its howel fills the soul with fright

They called it the Rickle-Rackle

After the sound it makes

Its bones do crackle

As it quavers and shakes

Rickle-Rackle is all you hear

Before your time is done

Rickle-Rackle strikes up fear

Just as you are overrun

Few have ever seen the creature

And lived to tell the tale

Or can describe a single feature

Of this unholy grail

They say its teeth are sharp

And glint in the light of the moon

Its taller than any scarp

More powerful than any dragoon

Faster than any man

Stronger than one too

You are a deadman

If you come in his view

The Rickle-Rackle drags his tail

Cutting down forest trees

His breath is like a gale

And will bring you to your knees

Its eyes pierce to your soul

Down to your very heart

Which becomes an empty hole

Thanks to its dark art

So heed my warning

Brave adventurer

Wait until the morning

He can't be worth any venture

Pray you ne're encounter

The fearsome Rickle-Rackle

You are no beast hunter

Fear its evil cackle

Fear the Rickle-Rackle

Hear its sound and flee

Should you hear it's crackle

Its mouth will be the last you see

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