On Halloween Night
On Halloween Night monsters stories
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On Halloween night, Monsters emerge,

On Halloween Night

On Halloween night,

Monsters emerge,

Ready to instill fright,

An unearthly scourge.

Monsters of all kinds,

Stalk the Earth,

No longer trapped in confines,

Deep-set fear to unearth.

Ghosts and ghouls and goblins,

Zombies and skeletons and spiders,

All come hobbling,

Out as night riders.

Ready to spook and chill,

To haunt and hunt,

To fill with thrill,

And fight at fear's battlefront.

Creatures of ill intent,

Unite for one night,

Creating discontent,

A vile blight.

Amongst children,

Ready for tricks or treats,

Seven billion,

People's fears to eats.

On Halloween night,

Dark forces arise,

And take flight,

For fear is their prize!

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